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We have technical expertise and experience on the topic of IFRS 17, successfully delivering change programmes within this space. We drive actuarial, finance, risk, and operational change and can offer expertise and resources on various aspects of IFRS 17, including a calculation engine.

Preparing you for IFRS 17

IFRS 17 IMPLICATIONS Regulation & Legal Operations, IT & Data Strategy and M&A People Customers Financial

Effectively implementing solutions for IFRS 17 requires seamless collaboration between regulatory, finance, actuarial, and operational teams. The complexity of transition will demand a a wide range of skills and an agile, multi-disciplinary approach, involving IT specialists, data analysts, and experienced project managers. Dupro helps insurers respond to the demands of IFRS 17 in an efficient and modern way, through resources, training, and innovative solutions such as open source alternatives to off the shelf calculation engines.

Training and Upskilling 

We offer various training initiatives to help you and your team on your IFRS 17 journey, including an introductory course and workshops. We aim to equip you with a strong grasp of the various aspects of IFRS 17 that you need to successfully apply the Standard in the workplace. Through our affiliate, Actuartech, we offer an introductory IFRS 17 course with flexible delivery options. We also offer workshops that vary in nature, from introductory to highly technical.

IFRS 17 Services

Our IFRS 17 Services

Implementation and Governance

We help clients meet the implementation and governance demands of IFRS 17 in an efficient way. We can assist you in all aspects of your implementation journey, from performing impact assessments and gap analyses, to advising and developing a calculation engine to suit your needs, to meeting governance requirements and incorporating IFRS 17 into your BAU. Our consulting activities are underpinned by strong project planning and management support.

Technical Advisory

Through our experience and expertise, we help clients solve specific business problems IFRS 17 presents. We can advise on how to interpret the Standard, make policy choices, develop methodology papers, input data requirements, testing and validation of a calculation engine or or designing an end-to-end. We also have experience in consulting clients on calculating and interpreting IFRS 17 KPIs and reconciliations.

IFRS 17 Introduction: Hands on Training

IFRS 17 Actuartech Course

Discover how to interpret the principal requirements of IFRS 17 through learning the basics of IFRS 17, including measurement models, terminology, and hands-on calculations.

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