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Mortality Experience Analysis

We've worked with our client to use data science more effectively within the experience analysis team to understand mortality experience and its impact on various parts of the business; better.

What we have done:

We have worked out a plan for supporting the team with their strategy towards using data science and upskilling their team to achieve their objective to identify strategic initiatives for mortality experience analysis. Our work involved:

  • Identifying a current state assessment of the experience analysis process and the associated coding skills in the team.

  • Initiating technical Python training sessions with core members of the team.

  • The aim of the exercise was to develop a modelling system that could be used for performing mortality experience analysis for their current and prospective future customer base.

  • Identifying how the client could use data more effectively to support the CFO in its value management strategy.

For this client, we have delivered:

  • Hands-on training in the fundamentals of Python, with focus on data science applications

  • A mortality experience analysis process that can be integrated into their current reporting system

  • A final report and debrief with the client

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