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We discovered a need in the market for quality training to upskill actuaries on data science and how they can use data science to better understand and utilise their data and to develop their professional skill set.

We built on our relationship with the IFoA and other learning communities and continue to grow our relationship with them through workshops, conference presentations, training courses, and more.

We built a training platform that allows students to work hands-on and allows them to work through hands-on practical examples without installing any software. Our platform provides you with the tools and training material to embrace data science. We enable the actuary to continue to evaluate key sources of data and to incorporate data science that uses state of the art machine learning and data technologies together with the actuary’s business insights.

The key benefits of our platform are:

  • Interactive coding platform through Jupyter Notebooks and JupyterHub

  • No software installation

  • Interactive collaboration

  • Interactions with actuaries

  • Actuarial examples and applications

  • Personalised feedback

  • Curated content in our Resource Library

  • Public and private forums

  • Priority access to events

For more information please visit the Actuartech website at, or contact us.

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