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Actuarial Data Science

We specialise in actuarial and financial transformation, advising insurance and finance organisations on the application of modern day tools and techniques that incorporates business domain experience and optimal strategies to deliver data driven insights.

Modernising the Actuarial Operating Model

At the core of our business is our extensive actuarial and financial technical knowledge within the financial and insurance regulatory, reporting, risk & compliance space. Our toolkit includes state of the art technological tools and techniques. We have the skills to help you make sense of the modern digital sphere and we partner with the best in class technology providers to ensure that you have the best solution tailored to your requirements

Our Actuarial Data Science Services

We advise insurance organisations and technology providers on the application of data science that incorporates business domain experience and optimal strategies that deliver data driven insights, including predictive analytics and experience analysis. We assist on data investigations and recommendations on machine learning techniques that can maximise the potential of your data. We can develop specific, relevant use cases for your team on various traditional and non-traditional actuarial problems. Furthermore, we are supporting other actuarial teams on the use of data science, in particular on the skills required to become self-sufficient.

Actuarial Technology

We work with business functions to develop and implement strategies for data science through our skillset that helps you make sense of the modern digital sphere. We have significant experience supporting finance, risk and operational change in the insurance industry. We can advise on and assist in developing bespoke technological solutions based on industry standards of potential target states linked to our understanding of your business, your strategic goals, and your infrastructure.

Process Optimisation & Integration

We work with financial services organisations and technology providers to drive change and to ensure optimal performance of people, processes and systems within an actuarial context and the use of data science. We can review “as-is” processes to identify gaps and limitations, develop requirements for an improved solution that meets your needs, and develop and implement an ideal process design.

Data Science Upskilling for Actuaries

Actuartech Courses

Actuartech courses cover a wide range of topics in the field of actuarial technology including R, Python and more.

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